Our Story

I created these products for my cousin & best friend. She was losing hair due to alopecia. When other products and doctors couldn't help, I turned to plant medicine. I combined 10 ancient, organic oils that were known to stimulate hair growth and nourish the hair. Once proven successful, I created a shampoo & conditioner without the toxic ingredients that cause hair loss. Due to my terrible dandruff, I also created a potent Scalp Serum for myself. I healed my scalp seborrhea and grew my hair unusually fast.

I hand make each product myself with high quality ingredients sourced from the Middle East & Africa. Using my products will help grow your hair and heal your scalp. Unlike others, I don't promise fast results, but I do promise results with consistency and patience, as long as your hair follicles are still alive. I look forward to your success!

Stay Golden,
Sumer | Creator of Hair Growth Gold